Designer Spotlight: Mia Campolo

Captured by Jee Yoon Lim, @jee.lim_ on IG

Captured by Jee Yoon Lim, @jee.lim_ on IG

Written by Nikki Simonson

Chicago native Mia Campolo ‘19 is an FSAD senior and 4th level designer for CFC. “I have been waiting to show my senior collection for 4 years!” Mia tells us. Her Instagram (@miacampoloportfolio) showcases her incredible fashion illustrations— we can only imagine what her collection has in store!

Captured by Jee Yoon Lim, @jee.lim_ on IG

Mia’s upcoming CFC collection is inspired by the history of sexism in the production of mens and womens clothing. When asked about her inspiration, she states that the example that prompted her exploration of the topic is how womenswear traditionally was never made with pockets.

The reasoning behind this is to due to men not wanting women to be able to carry their own money, weapons, identification, etc. Thus, an expectation was set that a woman could never go anywhere on their own without a man.

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