CFIN x CFC Present The Brand Girls

Photo by Grace Anderson, @grace.anderson16 on Instagram

Photo by Grace Anderson, @grace.anderson16 on Instagram

Written by Grace Anderson

On October 3rd, CFIN and CFC presented The Brand Girls, led by Rachel Bozik, to discuss female empowerment in the fashion industry. Bozik discussed why it’s important to have a professional confidence and how to grow it, recommending to train it like a muscle. She stressed the importance of having a clear understanding of “why you” when applying for an internship or job in addition to perfecting your resume and complementing it with a personal website or portfolio to show your work. Your resume needs to be visually flawless with eye-catching buzzwords that make you stand out among a sea of applicants.

Photos by Grace Anderson, @grace.anderson16 on Instagram

Bozik founded The Brand Girls out of her own struggles of getting advice in college. She quickly began to realize your network is equal to your net worth. To build your network, Bozik has three main tips. First, build your personal brand confidence-- describe your “why you” with elevated vocabulary to stand out. Secondly, boost your email confidence by contacting your network on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays to increase the likelihood of a response. Make sure to have a catchy subject line and make sure to follow up in two weeks if you have not heard a response. Lastly, Bozik recommends building your networking confidence. An easy way to do so is by creating business cards with your name, phone number, email, and LinkedIn url for networking events. Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your insight with us!